Chinchorro APP features are a great way to find and buy products from a variety of sellers. You can browse through our selection of products, read reviews, and compare prices. When you find a product you like, you can purchase it with just a few clicks. We offer a secure payment processing system and customer support is available 24/7.

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Discount Coupons still work better than most offers. A customer with a coupon will likely spend 24% more than shoppers who don’t use them. So, Chinchorro APP Discount Vouchers allow the admin and sellers to attract customers via coupons. You can now create coupons for use on marketplace websites. Customers can see and use the coupon codes from the checkout page, reducing cart abandonment and boosting revenues. Create and send coupons to invite new customers and retarget old customers on your marketplace.

Chinchorro APP Vouchers: 90% of people look for coupons before purchasing on a website. And annual usage of coupons is predicted to surpass $ 90 billion by 2022. So, coupons are famous among buyers as they inspire them to purchase by imbuing a sense of savings.

Customers may buy from your competitor's website because they offer a small discount coupon.

Digital Coupons are a powerful tool and always succeed in increasing the traffic to your website and sales as well.

With Discount vouchers on Chinchorro APP, you can use the discount strategy to bring in more customers and revenue.

It allows you to use the correct coupon strategy to boost your sales;

  • Send digital coupons to newly signed customers to encourage them to make a sale.
  • Retarget customers with a coupon who left the cart without making a purchase.
  • Retain old customers and make them make new purchases with coupons.
  • Offers discount coupons on festivals to help customers complete their shopping lists.

The module offers you complete control to manage the validity, usage, and tracking usage of the coupons on the Chinchorro APP.

It is always to think ahead, including perks, to encourage customers to come back shortly to your Chinchorro because customers expect more than just products from you. Rewards Programs acknowledge their continuous trust in your business. A loyalty program for your Chinchorro POS it's a no-brainer. Consumers love loyalty points when they shop from your Chinchorro. Set up rules for earning and redeeming the loyalty points in Chinchorro POS. View current loyalty points and redemption history in your Chinchorro backend.

Provide recognition to Chinchorros and boost their morale at ChinchorroAPP

  • Badges will be displayed on the website so that the buyers can see the reputation of that Chinchorro.
  • Provide attractive badges to Chinchorros as per their performance.
  • Chinchorros apply various strategies to win Chinchorro Badges as a Reward.
  • Chinchorro's Badges strategies increase the sales figure automatically.
  • Badges compel Chinchorros to come up with some fantastic discounts on ChinchorroAPP.
  • These offers and discounts attract customers to ChinchorroAPP, resulting in high sales and profits.
  • Enhances the reputation of your Chinchorro in the customer's mind.
  • Customers can see badges on Chinchorro's profile page and product page.
  • These badges create a positive impact on customers that leads to more sales.

Gone are the days when people had to manage multiple login credentials whenever they wanted to switch websites. Now at Chinchorro.APP facilitates your Chinchorro website user to quickly sign in with their Microsoft, Facebook, and Google Account credentials.
Most people have their accounts already integrated with most APPs nowadays. Of course, you'll also have the option to sign in with your email. The module allows all users with their accounts to simply sign in to your Chinchorro websites with the help of a single click.
It makes the sign-in process easy for your audience and reduces IT help desk costs.
Studies say that approximately 40% of all IT helpdesk calls are for password resets. Single sign-on helps you to log in to multiple websites with single credentials.
Hence, people don't need to remember multiple credentials, resulting in fewer password reset calls.

  • Ease For Your Customers
  • Customers can sign on to ChinchorroAPP with a single click.
  • No need to enter the credentials again and again; just a click can help to login

Promote your products on Facebook with Chinchorro Live!

According to the stats shared by 99Firms, Facebook Live Stream produces six times more engagement than traditional video, which means more chance of a conversion. Facebook Live is the new way to increase reach and attract new customers to your business.

So to get you more engagement and customers, we integrated this innovative feature into our Chinchorro marketplace so everyone can access the Facebook Live Stream.

Chinchorro Live lets you broadcast live videos directly into your website and at Chinchorro.app.. The module helps increase brand awareness and enables the promotion of products via live streaming. Moreover, live streaming is cost-efficient as you can do it with minimal equipment (a mobile phone or webcam and lighting).

You can also add the live stream option on your website homepage, products page, and shop page. The streamed live video can be viewed later on. Additionally, the seller and admin can stream live and promote their products.

  • Showcase your products on the live stream at Chinchorro.APP.
  • Promote products via live stream.
  • Live-stream tab on the product page.
  • The module helps increase your user engagement.
  • It helps improve your brand awareness.

Facebook Marketplace Social Catalog: Social Media Marketing Campaigns Cost Far but Other Marketing Channels. They offer up to 3X online store Traffic and Sales. Hence, Designing, Managing, And Running your entire Facebook Ads Campaign from a single point is the Facebook Catalog Manager of your ChinchorroAPP products. ChinchorroAPP has integrated the Marketplace Facebook Catalog feature, allowing you and your employees to upload product data using product feeds.

Push Notifications are very beneficial for the growth of the business. As per the data of BusinessofApps, US smartphone users receive an average of 46 push notifications daily. Moreover, the average CTR for Android is 4.6 %, and the CTR for iOS is 3.4%.

Both sellers and the admin can create templates and send notifications to users.

ChinshorroAPP Web Push Notifications help you attract new visitors to your Chinchorro in the most economical way. Also, with personalized push notifications, you can increase user engagement and sell products more easily without much effort.

This feature lets you send push notifications to your Chinchorro visitors on their mobile phones. Moreover, this feature stores the registered ids of all your website viewers. Also, you can send Push Notifications about purchases, offers, discounts, etc.

ChinchorroAPP Webs Push Notifications will help you boost your sales and attract more customers.

  • Sellers and Consumers can receive alerts through ChinchorroAPP
  • Chinchorros can create templates and send them to customers.
  • Create and use templates to send push notifications.
  • Schedule notifications to be sent to customers.

Today, about 60 percent of online shoppers look for coupons and discounts like free shipping, percentage or specific discounts, etc., before making a purchase. This Feature bestows you to provide these discounts by making offers such as festive sales, buy one get one, etc., to improve your sales on ChinchorroAPP

Now you can run constant deals and offers via ChinchorroAPP Daily Deals!!

  • Facilitates your sellers to run different offers and discounts on your Marketplace website and earn adequate revenues
  •  A separate menu for deals and offers is available for various products at exceptional prices.
  • Provide discounts by making offers like festive sales, Christmas sales, etc., to improve your sales on Marketplace.
  • Clear out slow-moving products
  • Encourage customer repetition.
  • Chinchorros can craft inexpensive offers to drive customer's attention
  • Can provide discounts on any special occasion
  • Chinchorros can easily present their products at discounts to the customers
  • It also lets you clear out slow-moving products in the name of clearance sale.
  • The offer-related products are displayed on the ChinchorroAPP in a separate menu, 'Deals and Offers'.
  • Customers can directly look up at the menu and purchase them
  • The new users can also look up the discounts and offer separately in the menu.

ChinchorroAPP Hyperlocal System: The "Near Me" searches on Google have seen a 500% increase in the last two years. And ChinchorroAPP Hyperlocal system aims to provide sellers nearest to the customers' location.

The customer enters the location of his choice, and ChinchorroAPP website displays the products and sellers available in the nearby vicinity so that the customers can shop from their nearest seller. It helps to save both delivery time and cost.

While local devices are based on a geographical location, hyperlocal targets a smaller area of 3-5 km in radius, and hyperlocal targeting allows for a localized experience for the customer.

With the ChinchorroAPP Hyperlocal Marketplace concept, you can bring offline local sellers to the customers and vice-versa.  

  • Provide an eCommerce platform for many offline local sellers who need help to come online.
  • Automatically filters that show products and sellers according to the customer's location.
  • Customers can buy from local sellers, saving travel or delivery costs and time.
  • You can determine Chinchorros' delivery radius, which can increase the Chinchiorros' delivery radius and increase as the business grows.
  • Facilitate Faster deliveries to customers which in turn increases conversions and traffic.

ChinchorroAPP Custom Options: You can set custom options for your products without making their variants. Once set, you can select all the different product options, such as colors, size, type, etc., by clicking one button in the sales order without searching and adding them to the product list separately. Moreover, instead of displaying a separate order line for each variant, all the options of the same product are shown on the same order line with their total price computed automatically, making the work easier.

  • No need to manage the stock for variants of a product separately.
  • It provides a simple interface to add custom product options on the product view form.
  • This Feature adds a configure tab on the order line to choose the options in a few clicks without searching the whole inventory.
  • It displays all the selected product options in the sales order on a single order line.
  • It allows you to choose from various input display options for the one that suits you best, such as the dropdown menu, radio button, enter time, date text, and file upload.

Chinchorro Locator

Now local trading will become easy at ChinchorroAPP

  • Enable Chinchorros to locate their location from their profiles.
  • This Feature lets customers find the nearest location of sellers to purchase products and services and save shipping costs.
  • The sellers can add their address to their profile to find themselves on Google Maps.

 As digitization has enhanced online shopping, Marketplaces help many sellers to improve their businesses. But, local merchandising is also essential to become available to nearby customers. So, the module lets your Marketplace sellers locate their addresses on Google Maps and let customers visit them. 

Why do we need ChinchorroAPP Seller Locator?

  • Enhances the local trading of sellers results in increased sales.
  • Customers can instantly get their products and services without waiting for them.
  • Saves the shipping cost of the products, thus, making customers happy and helping to retain them.
  • Increases customers' trust in your Chinchorros and compels them for more purchases.
  • It makes a good impression on customers, making them rate and review sellers.
  • Customers can filter sellers according to their location.
  • Attracts new users who are not involved in online shopping. Therefore, Chinchorros make more profits than regular.

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